On Tuesday 16 June 2009 21:31:17 Andrew Mathison wrote:
> Browser does not open after install. I use Firefox.
> I have installed 4 times in English, all the same problems.
> I use Deutsch WinXP Pro.

Ok. You installed Freenet using the windows installer 
(FreenetInstaller-1222.exe), the install completed successfully, but then it 
didn't open a web browser at all? Or it opened one but didn't connect to 

What happens if you run the Browse Freenet script by hand? (It is on the 
desktop and the start menu). What happens if you just open in a web browser?

If neither of these work, you should find your wrapper.log file and post it 

Please reply to the list (support@freenetproject.org), and subscribe to it (at 
http://freenetproject.org/lists.html ), as I will be unable to respond until at 
least the 29th of June due to a holiday. Other people may however be able to 
help sooner. Sorry.

Also sorry that your message got held up in a moderation queue for some time, I 
was a bit busy... :|

> Grüß
> Andy Mathison
> +49-6008-92083

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