On 2009-06-19 06:14, steve wrote:
> Hi, if you still have a copy of freenet installed you can fix it like
> Replace the run.sh script in /Applications/Freenet/ with the one attached
> this message, it includes the fix that should be going out in the
> shortly.
> If you have any problems let us know.

Hi Steve and Matthew,

Thank you for the the responses! I do still have Freenet installed, but
unfortunately the run.sh script file Steve attached to his reply was
stripped from the email l received (as well as from the mailing list archive
@ freenetproject.org). Is it possible to resend the script, or send the
contents of the script in the body of an email?

When I receive it I'll try running the script and post the results back in
the mailing list.

Thank you again!

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