Probably a bug: please report: 1 peers forcibly disconnected due to not
acknowledging packets.
 1 of your peers are having severe problems (not acknowledging packets even
after 10 minutes). This is probably due to a bug in the code. Please report
it to us at the bug tracker at<>or
to the support mailing list Please include this message and what version of
the node you are running. The affected peers (you may not want to include
this in your bug report if they are darknet peers) are:

   - Freenet 0.7.5 Build #1223 build01223-real
   - Freenet-ext Build #26 r23771

I've seen this error several times past two months. Only time I didn't see
it was when I ran 1.222
Using winxp pro fully updated, java fully updated 640 MB mem allocated,
salt-hash 70 GB. Direct connection.

I'm sure you'd get a lot more bug reports if there was a button next to the
problem that requests sending and it sends it to freenet where you can
retrieve them.
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