1232 fixes a severe bug preventing startup on some nodes. Sorry, we did try to 
test it, but apparently messed up...

On Friday 21 August 2009 18:11:43 Matthew Toseland wrote:
> Please upgrade to 1231. Changelogs:
> 1229:
> - XML vulnerability warnings fixes.
> - Fix an NPE in plugins.
> - Minor internal stuff.
> 1230:
> - Detect the XML vulnerability on OS/X. Try to detect it on OpenJDK, maybe 
> not very well.
> - Clarify an english string ("Completed downloads to temporary space" not 
> directory).
> - Sync before closing the new peers file. Some wierd filesystems might need 
> this and we're still getting reports of losing peers on power loss.
> - Minor internal stuff.
> 1231:
> - Increase the maximum peers limit and make it scale with your upstream 
> bandwidth. 11 peers at 10KB/sec, 15 at 20KB/sec, 19 at 30KB/sec, 26 at 
> 60KB/sec, 34 at 100KB/sec and 40 and 140KB/sec. Show the limit on the stats 
> page.
> - Support BMPs in fproxy (from kurmi's Summer of Code project).
> - Slightly better (X)HTML support in fproxy.
> - When changing the store type (most notably when setting the store size in 
> the first time wizard), don't stall for minutes or more preallocating the 
> datastore - do it in the background. IMHO this was a serious problem for new 
> users with a lot of disk space.
> - Internal changes to the web interface which will make it easier to 
> implement WebDAV in plugins. Requires a new version of XMLSpider.
> - Persist overall total output/input bytes in the database.
> - Translation updates and minor english string fixes.
> - Some workarounds for cruft left in the database by old bugs or by GCJ.
> - Snoop callbacks for data and metadata, will allow easier listing of the 
> files on a freesite, or make it easier to write things like KeyExplorer.
> - Saces' multi-container site insert code: many changes merged, still not 
> enabled by default because it still leaks stuff in the database.
> - Can specify in FCP what compression codecs to use.
> - Internal and build fixes and more comments and javadocs.
> Thanks to:
> saces
> toad
> Tommy[D]
> Markus
> 3BUIb3S50i
> platy
> sdiz
> Artefact2
> infinity0
> juiceman

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