Matthew Toseland skrev:
> On Tuesday 25 August 2009 18:34:34 Magnus Ekhall wrote:
>> I tried to install using the 1232 version of the XP installer.
>> At the end of the installation it says that it failed becaus the service
>>  could not be started.
>> If I try to start the service manually it will eventually fail as well
>> with the error code "2".
>> Any ideas?
> Try the beta installer:
> This will install an old version of Freenet, with no update.cmd. But it 
> should auto-update to the latest version in an hour or so.
> Uninstall your current Freenet first, but don't uninstall the Java version it 
> installed.
> PS Zero3: Shall I compile up a more recent beta/ version?

I tried the beta installer, but it too could not start the freenet service.

"Service did not respond to signal" it says.

I'm runnung the installer as admin and I have a recent java.

Can I run the service in a shell or something to get a bit better error

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