Freenet 0.7 build 1233 is now available. Please upgrade.

- Plugin loading and updating over Freenet. Freenet will ask, and the default 
is to load plugins over Freenet unless network security level is LOW. A 
progress bar is shown, and if it fails, Freenet will keep trying to fetch it 
over Freenet, but tell you about the failure with the option to remove the 
plugin (and stop the load) or to load it from emu (our web server).
- Various plugins have been updated due to internal changes in the node. Your 
plugins will be automatically updated, over Freenet. One or two have other 
changes, including XMLSpider and TestGallery (which was unsafe, but fortunately 
nobody uses it). Echo has been removed from the official plugins list.
- Plugin infrastructure for localisation and storing stuff in the node's 
database are now available. These will be used by Artefact2's blog plugin when 
it is done, and are not yet used by any other plugin.
- WoT and Freetalk didn't work with 1232, they do with 1233 (due to internal 
issues). These are still unofficial plugins.
- Slightly better XHTML filtering.
- New theme "minimalist", uses activelinks and hides a lot of clutter. Won't be 
the default until activelinks are pushed and the theme is fixed in the debian 
version of firefox.
- Status bar, at the top or bottom of the page depending on theme, shows alerts 
summary, selected language, simple vs advanced mode, security levels and peers 
count. Remove the security levels useralert and the simple/advanced switch on 
many pages.
- Some useralerts were not removed when they should be.
- French and Italian updates and some minor wording improvements in English.
- Make the peers disconnected useralert dismissable and improve its wording.
- Fix a bug setting the opennet max peers over 20.
- Store the total uptime and total bandwidth used persistently in the database.
- Send an error message when the database hasn't been loaded yet on an FCP 
WatchGlobal message.
- Fix a ClassCastException error when selecting persistent requests to send.
- Rename FCP SubscribeFeeds to WatchFeeds. Remove identifiers, you are either 
subscribed to the feeds or you are not.
- Automated daily testing had to be changed in a way that breaks comparability 
of old test data, due to the opennet peers count changes. I have moved the old 
results out of the way.

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