Freenet 0.7.5 build 1234 is now available. It makes 1231 mandatory. Changes 
- Routing fixes related to FOAF routing. These should slightly improve both 
routing and storage of data.
- Fix several memory leaks, especially with Freetalk running.
- Auto-update seednodes.fref and download the latest windows and java 
installers, which are now linked from the "Add a friend" page.
- A new, full Dutch translation, spelling fixes, French and German updates, and 
make some strings on the statistics page translateable.
- Increase max opennet peers to 40 as originally intended.
- Minor changes to the web interface, content filter, bandwidth limiting, 
client layer.
- Improve the stats page and log hourly success rates by HTL etc.
- Fix client cache type none NPEs.
- Slight improvements to shutdown.
- Minor changes to the automated tests/many nodes in one VM simulations.

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