- Freenet 0.7.5 Build #1236 build01236
   - Freenet-ext Build #26 r23771

I'd like to provide some extra info about the problem, DL's stuck at 100%
Here's another guy's report

What I can offer:
1) I had about 40 DLs stuck at 100%
2) I was using BDB Database
3) I had a very unclean shutdown once, I think the sick crunching freenet
does caused my freened HD to fail, writing to hd stopped. I installed
freenet on an old spare hd because it's clear that nothing can take this
kind of abuse.
4) Defragging node.db4o didn't help
5) deleting node.db4o didn't help
6) deleting persistent downloads didnt help
7) resizing storage didn't help

I have now reinstalled with salt hash. The same downloads finish, although
it doesn't finish them right away, which suggests that finishing is a low
priority and that's wrong.
I also mentioned this before, number of keys stored isn't changing, not even
on a clean install. So I tried resizing my store and now the numbers work

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