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> Hi again.
> Well, I've looked there, the stats page, and also at the bottom of
> the Freenet window when it opens. It tells me the version in both
> places and they are the same, 0.7.5, Build #1236
> I downloaded it from the Freenet Project site.

Please send replies to the support list; it makes it easier for others
to help with the problem, and for anyone with the same problem to see
the answer.  (Unless, of course, you're sending info you'd like kept

I have no idea why it would be saying you need to update, given that
you have the latest version.

If you look at your stats page, in the Peer Statistics box, how many
peers does it show?  Ideally, you should have a moderate number
(~10-40, depending on bandwidth) as either CONNECTED of BACKED OFF
(aka BUSY), with most of those CONNECTED.  If your version truly is
old, it will show a few peers as TOO NEW.  Do you have connected
peers?  Do you have peers that are too new?

Evan Daniel
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