About once every 1-2 weeks, my node will shut down completely.

In the wrapper log, I see:
INFO   | jvm 2    | 2009/10/20 16:30:59 | Out of memory: Emergency
shutdown to protect database integrity in progress...

followed by a full thread dump and db shutdown, and then

ERROR  | wrapper  | 2009/10/20 16:33:09 | Shutdown failed: Timed out
waiting for the JVM to terminate.
ERROR  | wrapper  | 2009/10/20 16:33:09 | JVM did not exit on request,
INFO   | wrapper  | 2009/10/20 16:33:09 | JVM exited on its own while
waiting to kill the application.
STATUS | wrapper  | 2009/10/20 16:33:09 | JVM exited in response to
signal SIGKILL (9).
STATUS | wrapper  | 2009/10/20 16:33:09 | <-- Wrapper Stopped

then terminates without restarting. Is a total shutdown instead of a
simple restart intended? The machine itself runs comfortably, and never
oomkills, and the wrapper has wrapper.java.maxmemory=256.

I can upload the entire wrapper.log and wrapper.conf someplace, if needed.


Fuzzy love,
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CyberLeo.Net Webhosting

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