Joel C. Salomon wrote:
> I've used Freenet in the past (the early days of 0.7) and I'd like to try 
> again.
> Back then, there was Frost, which I used until the DOS/spam made it
> unpleasant to do so.  Now I read about frost, freemail, freetalk, &c.,
> and I wonder: which of these are working?  Which have active
> discussions?  Pointers?

Frost is still littered with spam bots, at least the main boards. I think it's 
mostly used for less savory activiities, judging from the comments I've seen on 

FMS seems to work great. I think it needs more users, but the ones already 
there provide a pleasant and lively atmosphere. It's completely spam-free.

Haven't tried Freemail or Freetalk.

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