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> What is the purpose of the "freenet:" notation? (Besides complicating
> things.)
> When I try to "wget -r -np" a freesite, most links will not be fetched
> -- namely those that still use the ubiquitous "/USK..." url. (Because
> -np, --no-parent, is meant to only fetch files within a particular
> directory and not ascend to other parent directories, thus preventing
> the fetching of the entire Internet.) So because /USK..
> and /freenet:USK.. are effectively two different parent folders, simply
> using "-np" won't work.
> Instead of "-np" I have to explicitly list the key in both notations as
> parameters to "--include-directories" .. resulting in a hideous command
> line. (Which includes the USK key 3 times.)
> I wouldn't mind doing this if there was SOME reason for it? (Was it
> meant to be used as a protocol identifier, like http: mailto:, etc?)
> But is it really necessary to "301 Permanently Move" queries to the
> freenet:* links?

It is in fact a protocol identifier, like http:, mailto:, irc:, etc.
The idea is that the proper URL of a Freenet file is something like
"freenet:u...@crypto/sitename/edition/filename".  The FProxy web
interface provides, for convenience, a way to translate freenet: URLs
into http: ones.

Eventually, it would be nice to support this in other ways.  For
example, FProxy should rewrite freenet: URLs into the appropriate
http: equivalent.  Alternately, a browser plugin that knew how to
handle freenet: URLs (ie, translate them into http: and then handle
normally), and prevented downloading of content from any other URL
type would improve security and require less content filtering (thus
making it easier to support more complex file types).  See bug 3414:

Would it help if the content filter rewrote all "/u...@..." URLs into
"/freenet:u...@..."?  That would probably be a fairly easy change.
(The content filter already does URL rewriting, to insert the checked
http pages for example.)  If so, please file a bug report.

Evan Daniel
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