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Update  0002692 [Freenet] fred minor N/A 2008-11-14 20:59 2009-12-24
  Reporter  Artefact2  View Status  public    Assigned To
  Priority  high  Resolution  open    Status  new   Product Version  0.7
  Summary  0002692: peers forcibly disconnected due to not acknowledging
packets   Description  1 of your peers are having severe problems (not
acknowledging packets even after 10 minutes). This is probably due to a bug
in the code. Please report it to us at the bug tracker at [^ <>] or
at Please include this message and what version
of the node you are running. The affected peers (you may not want to include
this in your bug report if they are darknet peers) are:

    *   Additional Information      * Freenet 0.7 Build
0001178 <> r23592
    * Freenet-ext Build
Tags No tags attached.
  milestone  0.8   svn-revision  23592
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