On Tuesday 19 January 2010 13:26:51 Marco A. Calamari wrote:

> I'm using jSite to insert an already inserted freesite;
> I was unable to find how define and change what files
> are included in a container (from the interface).

That’s because it is disabled. (I feel like I have written this before.)

> It will be useful also to see some sort of log about successful/
> failed insert, and to force the insertion of a site also if
> some files failed to insert.

jSite does not insert single files. The complete insert is one large blob of 
data, it either fails or succeeds. Logging could be done, though.

> I was unable to find any docs about jSite other than
> generic user guide; anyone can give help or point me to
> some docs?

jSite does have its own homepage:


There is a documentation page which is not yet complete but still more 
complete than anything you can currently find on Freenet.

> Thanks.   Marco


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