Freenet 0.7.5 build 1240 is now available. It will be mandatory on Wednesday 
and contains many important fixes, 3 months work in fact. Many people have 
contributed to this and my contribution has been less than it usually would be 
for various reasons. The auto-update system should fetch the new build shortly, 
let us know if it does not work. If you have to use the update scripts 
( or update.cmd), please note that they may not work perfectly on old 
installs where sha1test.jar doesn't exist or is out of date; you may need to 
update the script manually from (or .sh). This is 
related to us getting rid of emu and getting a new server, currently and don't 
work and we're deciding what to do about them.

Major changes:
- Significant bugfixes and other improvements to opennet. Hopefully this will 
improve general performance, but particularly bootstrapping and reconnecting.
- Plugins are now translateable, each has its own separate translation page. I 
am not sure whether translation override files work for plugins at the moment 
so be careful to save your changes before restarting.
- Fix a datastore bug related to our recent change to use the store as extra 
space for the cache.
- Various minor and (relatively) major optimisations and memory usage 
- Show the time that a download/upload last had anything happen.
- New version of Library with many improvements. It will still cause the node 
to crash with Out of Memory sometimes on searches for popular words.
- True plugin auto-updating, allowing us to deploy new versions of plugins in 
between stable build releases, with all the appropriate checks for security, 
compatibility etc.
- Many new seednodes, and some old ones that weren't working any more removed. 
Your node will automatically fetch and use the new seednodes over Freenet.



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