Hi, I'm having problems with files stuck at 100% and having to wait hours and 
days for them to decode.
It seems that despite having all the parts freenet just sits on it for some 
reason. Is there some reason for this?
Would it be possible that you guys fix this? cuz it would be great not to have 
to wait days to decode a file that's already here.

The node.db4o file also becomes enourmous for some reason (over half Gb) after 
a few days.
It seems to be that this is what causes the files to take so long to decode, 
and it is also making the a high-end computer totally unresponsive.

In the meantime, until this hopefully gets fixed, could you tell me if there's 
a way to change the location of the persistent temp folder,
I would like to put the node.db4o on a ram disk, but the persistent temp is too 
large for this, so I would have to separate the two,
and could not find settings in freenet.ini,

Thanks a lot, and thanks for all your work on freenet, it's awsome.

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