Build 1241 is now available. It will be mandatory next Friday so please 
upgrade. Changes include:
- (Hopefully) fix the Freenet does not reconnect (on opennet) after changing IP 
/ hibernating / temporary loss of connectivity bug. If you can reproduce this 
bug please contact me, if you had it but it is fixed in 1241 please say so too!
- Fix a caching problem with inserts. For several hops after the originator of 
an insert, we avoid caching the data, for privacy reasons. However the number 
of hops is variable and we may go past the best node for the key while still 
not caching. So we now "fork" the insert after it becomes cacheable, so that it 
can be routed back to and cached on those nodes if they happen to be good 
locations for the data. This is configurable per request with the 
ForkOnCacheable FCP parameter, so we can test whether it makes a difference. 
Some related changes.
- Triple-insert the top block of any splitfile by default. Configurable via FCP 
for both splitfile top blocks and regular single blocks. Tests show 
triple-insertion dramatically improves reachability, we are investigating why, 
but the cost of triple-inserting the top block above a splitfile is very small.
- Various fixes, optimisations and improvements for USKs and ARKs. We should 
have better performance especially with Freetalk, ARKs should work better, and 
new low priority SSK requests should be crowded out by USK polling less often.
- Fix priorities not working while checking datastore.
- Improve the downloads/uploads pages a bit.
- Turn off the peers not acknowledging so disconnected notification. We will 
fix this eventually but there is no point wasting users time in the meantime.
- Improve HTML filter so that output is closer to the original HTML.
- Changes to the code to make filenames safe in fproxy.

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