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> joh...@6kzjmqcftzffej0wthb29r63t5jkjg2xy5hzsvitg1a wrote :
>> Matthew Toseland <t...@amphibian.dyndns.org>
>> There was a bug "freenet does not reconnect properly": When a Freenet node 
>> hibernated or its IP address changes, it would take *ages* to reconnect, it
>> would not start announcing straight away or it would take hours to get back 
>> to a reasonable number of connections. I think that 1241-pre1 may have fixed
>> this, so if you have this bug, please test 1241-pre1. Thanks.
>> You can get this by means of update.sh testing (linux/mac) or update.cmd 
>> (windows). You might need to update the scripts manually from
>> https://checksums.freenetproject.org/update.sh (or update.cmd) if they 
>> been used for some time and give an error message.
>> Alternatively, use the jar I posted to freenet (this should replace your
>> freenet.jar):
>> 7EjDMWToabe2tbaZU-i6pAuFyY8ESkwGFfuaI,AAIC--8/freenet-cvs-snapshot.jar
> Ah, that's why 1240 gave me 20 peers (of 40) in roughly 1 hour after cold 
restart. I had had my node fully integrated in about 20 minutes before new 
version came up and was very upset. Average input speed was also 25% less than 
configuration limit even after all peers had been connected (something I don't 
think I had seen before).
> Now I'm on 1241-pre2, have restarted two times and have had 20 peers in 
20-25 minutes, 30 peers in an hour. A bit better, but speed still tends to 
jump higher than limit and then fall much lower than limit for a long time so 
resulting average speed is currently 50% of a node's limit even with FMS and 
Frost updating messages.
> I don't know if it does matter:
> Preemptive Rejection Reasons
> 9481 Input bandwidth liability
> Local Preemptive Rejection Reasons
> 3719 Input bandwidth liability

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