On Tuesday 01 December 2009 21:15:34 nicpaul wrote:
> Hi there support,
> I installed Freenet the other day and tested a couple of links.
> Within an hour my entire monthly quota down/upload from my service provider 
> had been used up. I have never approached, let alone reach my quota before!
> As that was the last day of the service month - not a problem as I didn't 
> have access to full speed broadband for only one day.
> However, the same thing has occurred again. I have therefore uninstalled 
> Freenet.
> This brings up cost and usage issues, plus in countries like China surely 
> they only have to look for massive down/uploads to figure out who may have 
> Freenet installed? Or was my installation wrong?

Sorry about that. In future (very soon) the first-time wizard will be a lot 
clearer about how much bandwidth Freenet will use, showing both the bandwidth 
limit per second and the amount of data transferred per month.

Unfortunately there is very little we can do about this. Freenet is a peer to 
peer network. That means that your bandwidth is not just used for your 
requests, it's also used for other people's requests. And it's anonymous, 
meaning that requests have to be relayed across 5 or more nodes before they are 
satisfied. The data is cached, but still, it is hard to avoid using several 
tens of gigs a month. In future we will have average bandwidth limiting, but 
1GB a month works out to 400 bytes per second, so it's unlikely we will be able 
to limit it to anything that low.

Our information is that Chinese internet connections are typically limited to 
some number of hours at some bandwidth level, rather than having a monthly 
traffic cap. Peer to peer (not Freenet, torrents etc) is pretty common in 
China, this may partly explain it. Of course there are many difficulties with 
running Freenet in China, for example the authorities may try to block it. 
"Darknet" mode where you only connect to your friends is very difficult to 
block, but your friends need to be online at the same time as you are - so 
there's a lot of unfinished business.

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