On Saturday 28 November 2009 06:32:13 Allan Preston wrote:
> Kaspersky AV reports that freenetInstaller is a known worm, and
> forcefully aborted the installation.
> While I have shut down kaspersky, freenet will not install, because it
> says its already installed, when its only partially installed.
> I was wondering if you were aware of Kaspersky classifying you as a
> worm, and if you know of any solution to not being able to install it
> because it thinks its already installed. I cannot uninstall it, as I
> cannot find an uninstaller on the system, probably because the
> installation never completed.

Most likely Kaspersky classifies us as a worm because we use the UPX executable 
packer. The next build will not do this - the exe will be a bit bigger but 
should not be flagged up.

For uninstall/reinstall, I suggest you:

Delete the folder (program files\freenet)
Remove the registry key (or group of registry keys):
Delete the system service (from control panel?)
Delete the start menu/desktop shortcuts if any.

Sorry it took so long to deal with this.

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