... I do have not (at least with Freenet ;) )

Just wanted to let you know, that on my rig downloading, installing and 
running Freenet was absolutly painless. Even loading what must be the 
most popular pages worked within seconds!

I'm running Freenet Build #1244 rbuild01244 and freenet-ext Build #26 
r23771 with Sun Microsystems Inc. JVM version 1.6.0_20. OS is WinXP 
Prof SP 3 on a quite dated Athlon 64 3000+ with 1.5 GB RAM ... free 
disk space on the freenet drive is 14 GB, of which Freenet uses 2.4GB 
afters maybe 24 hours of uncontinuous running (I'm not running the PC 
24/7, and even stopped the service in between when it was).

Oh, nearly forgot to mention - I'm using a Netgear RP614v2 Router, 
several years old and with quite some hours on its clock. It handles 
the network traffic just fine, but crashes after ~4 weeks of continuos 
running, so it's set to "dial on demand" atm., what means 1 hour after 
I shut down Freenet, or the PC in general, Freenet might get a new IP 
if it starts up again. Nevertheless reconnecting is painless and the 
speed is reasonable!

There are some minor quibbles, and some hint 'bout what might go wrong 
on some machines, though:

Up-/Download speed: Set to 20/100, I havn't seen better DL-speed than 
60, and generally it hovers around 25-35, while upload is happily stuck 
at 21.somewhat - guess this might get better if I'm connected longer?!

Wrapper.log shows freenet still does SSK-store and -client, yet I 
wasn't able to retrieve a single SSK - file, sometimes got the error 
"Freenet does not now what to do with this file". Somewhere I read the 
hint that some old keys are deprecated or even discontinued by now - if 
those are the SSK keys, why does Freenet pretend to support them, when 
in reality it does not any longer? (Or was it just bad luck on my side 
.. just tried to retrieve the wrong pron files?! ;-) )

High CPU load from other applications can cause Freenet to time out and 
even disconnect from the network: At one point, I had shut down the 
browser and and kept Freenet running silently in the background. I ran 
some other app, which needed 80-90% CPU for some time - which obviously 
didn't left enough for Freenet (~15% normally), which told me it was 
reconnecting after I went back to it. Log spoke of some timeouts.

=> My suggestion (dunno if possible): on Windoze, run it with "higher 
than normal" priority, to make sure it gets what it needs.
=> Quite a bit of those problems mentioned by those one-time bug 
reporters ("Freenetz sucks! Me tried to download some things from teh 
internetz, but did no workz!") might come from all those "optimisation 
tools", toolbars and trojans fighting for CPU power - even if the 
Freenet service could be installed successfully, what is unlikey under 
that circumstances anyway ;-)

Anyhow, just wanted to let you know that thing _do_ work fine on some 
PCs out there in the wild .. so keep up the good work, looks like the 
world will need it rather sooner than later !!



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