On 2 Apr, 2010, at 11:47 AM, Matthew Toseland wrote:

> On Tuesday 29 September 2009 19:01:08 David Lowe wrote:
>>      I can't communicate with FreeNet anymore.  For a while i couldn't  
>> view the interface in a browser, but could launch Thaw.jar by hand.   
>> Now however, that doesn't even work.  "Firefox can't establish a  
>> connection to the server at"  Safari goes even  
>> farther in stating that it can't connect on any port.  Is this  
>> something that FreeNet is doing in the face of the recent java  
>> exploit, or could it be related to a recent security update on my  
>> end?  Details: OSX 10.4.11, java 1.5 build 19
> Is your Freenet working well now? It looks like some sort of relatively minor 
> bug that has presumably been fixed since.

        Since i didn't get any support while this was a current issue, i 
deleted Freenet after about a month.  Oh, and from my point of view, not being 
able to interact with the software at all is not a 'minor bug'.  I was 
disappointed that a product marked as a 'stable' version could be this badly 
broken, and don't expect to try it again at least until the next major 
revision.  It is also disappointing that i apparently was unable to completely 
uninstall Freenet - that machine still refuses to sleep, which started when i 
installed Freenet.

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