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HI--I am new to computers and by nature and not techy at all! So
 trying to understand about the freenet the feeling is one of panic where i 
just dont understand terminology etc. I do however just want to ask some simple 
questions about Freenet, because i am all for no censorship of the 

So, OK, I have PC and my browser is Firefox--which is really cool. Now
 IF I download Freenet what actually changes?
Do I still see the Firfox browser and Google search box, OR do I
 have a separate Freenet icon on Desktop I can ALTERNATIVELY use when I wish to 
be private for whatever reason. Ie--is it like having TWO modes of exploring 
the new--the usual one i have now and at a click I can go onto Freenet?

2)0when you say we give our bandwith (or something like that) do you mean
 we lose memory to Freenet? N9ot even sure if my question makes sense here 
owing to my confusion about termonology

I just want to have what I have but also have access when I
 choose to Freenet

Firefox 3.5 (Windows XP)

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