Freenet 0.7.5 build 1280 is now available, and will be mandatory on Saturday, 
please upgrade!

Build 1278:
- Fix a critical bug causing us to accept too many requests because of 
unlocking too early when turtling a request. This may be a significant factor 
in recent backoff problems.

Build 1279:
- Various bugfixes to the block transfer code, fix some stalling bugs, handle 
aborts (e.g. triggered by the upstream receive) better, synchronization fixes, 
don't abort twice, don't send abort message twice, but do send it even when the 
downstream node aborts by sending us one.
- Prepare for getting rid of unnecessary block-level retransmissions (we have 
retransmission at the message layer), which waste a lot of bandwidth and may 
cause self-perpetuating big problems. E.g. don't timeout until some time after 
we have sent all the blocks in the transfer, rather than relying on frequent 
missing packet notification messages.

Build 1280:
- Fix a bug in 1279 causing block sends to stall when a node disconnects or 
something similar happens (the bug existed before but it didn't cause stalls 
until recently; it might affect some other places in the code though).

Apart from 1280, the block transfer changes are in code that was written many 
years ago, but the problems may cause fairly significant problems (e.g. some 
block transfers use a *lot* of retransmits, and this tends to make the 
situation worse and worse). Some of the block transfer changes were developed 
while debugging the new-load-management branch, some were dealt with after 
testing the prerelease code. 1280 will include more low level code merged from 
the branch.

Even if all the problems go away, I will continue with the new load management 
branch because the current architecture is fundamentally broken and vulnerable.

THANKS! Please report bugs!

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