Freenet 0.7.5 build 1297 is now available. Please upgrade, and report any 
problems you find. Lots of mostly small changes in this build, including:
- Check all requests for a missing RequestClient on startup. This can take a 
while but it saves it after each broken download (which would previously appear 
as stalled and likely producing NullPointerException's) is cancelled. 
Unfortunately this bug was not in fact fixed previously. We also check for the 
cause, and work around it to prevent such damage occurring; this will show up 
as a NullPointerException. Sorry about this... :|
- Various client layer bugfixes including the cooldown queue, undoing an 
accidental revert that broke some stuff (thanks to those who pointed this out 
iirc originally on FMS), some cross-segment fixes, etc.
- Some possible memory leak fixes.
- An important fix for seednodes, a bug that caused them to not decode small 
packets from seed clients.
- A possible partial solution to the it-doesn't-restart-after-an-OOM bug.
- Handle opennet path folding partially asynchronously i.e. don't lock up 
threads for it. Should improve performance slightly on fast opennet nodes with 
low (default) thread limits.
- Improvements to the PNG and CSS filters, including a fix to bug #3686, 
- Some important optimisations, especially for seednodes
- Two new statistics, one on unrecognised packets and one on broken bulk 
transfers (bulk transfers are used in UOM and path folding). Also minor changes 
to bulk transfers.
- Set the default extra inserts for a single block which isn't heading a 
splitfile to 2, just like if it is heading a splitfile. This affects plugins 
and FCP.
- Significant changes to HTML generation intended to make it safer.
- A new rewritten build.xml file, which should make life easier for packagers 
amongst other gains.
- Reinstate the priority column in advanced mode.
- Fix a bug causing extra inserts.


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