Freenet 0.7.5 build 1336 is now available. Please upgrade, it will be mandatory 
on Friday. Much of this build is intended to try to improve network performance 
and particularly to prevent transfer failures especially on realtime requests.

- Fix some block transfer bugs related to transfer coalescing, disconnects and 
reassigning to self after a request has taken too long.
- Keep on transferring the data if we need it for a local request, and explain 
why this is safe in comments. However it will go away when we get rid of 
receiver-side transfer cancels anyway.
- Fix even more bugs related to request forking on timeout.
- Always drop the queued messages when we disconnect due to a timeout.
- Eliminate turtle transfers, they are no longer necessary and involve 
unnecessary complexity and transfer cancels. We will soon eliminate receiver 
cancels too which will further simplify matters.
- Remove timed out filters more often.
- Show totals for backoff times.
- Fixes to auto-testing code.

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