On Sunday 13 Feb 2011 16:24:38 Daxter wrote:
> At the bottom of http://freenetproject.org/download.html there is a section 
> labeled "Upgrading." The paragraph I'm concerned with is pasted below:
> "Freenet provides now an update-over-freenet mechanism: It will keep itself 
> up to date automatically from other Freenet nodes, and this will normally 
> work even if it is unable to route to them due to them being too new. This is 
> anonymous and secure, and we recommend people use it. However, if something 
> is severely broken, you can update your node manually from our servers:"
> Changes that would make it flow better:
> 1. either "Freenet //now// provides..." or simply "Freenet provides..." I 
> would recommend simply removing "now", as it gives the impression that the 
> project is volatile, untrustworthy, and just plain bad software. While the 
> seasoned user knows not to trust Freenet, it's better to appeal to someone's 
> logic before their read-a-book-by-its-cover instinct makes us lose another 
> potential user/contributor.

Fixed, thanks.

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