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> Hello,
> When downloading a file in freenet I often have to restart which until
> recently was not a problem. However, now after the restart I get about 0.2
> of the file downloaded and the download reads "Ttemporaty files error" with
> an option to restart or remove the file from the list. I get the same
> reaction whether I use Google or Firefox as my browser. Any advice would be
> appreciated.

The message "Temporary files error" indicates that Freenet failed to
read from or write to a bucket, which are files that Freenet uses to
store temporary data. As such, this might indicate an internal error,
but it might also be caused by lack of free disk space or file system
corruption. As you have already observed, said errors are indeed
unlikely to be related to your choice of browser.

You might want to try removing the download from your download queue
and restarting the download manually.

If your problem persists, your log files may contain additional
information about the cause. Please review logs/freenet-latest.log in
your Freenet installation directory for possible clues after you again
encounter this problem (you might want to wait a few minutes before
reviewing that file, log messages are not written to disk
If you believe this is a bug, please file a bug at our bug tracker
[0]. Make sure to have read the bug reporting guidelines [1]

Kind regards,

[0]: https://bugs.freenetproject.org/
[1]: https://wiki.freenetproject.org/Reporting_bugs
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