On Monday, February 22, 2016 01:32:52 PM Steve Dougherty wrote:
> Keeping the default installation location would avoid that problem. To
> start Freenet run ./run.sh start from its installation directory. You can
> uninstall Freenet by deleting it.

There actually is an uninstaller software available on Linux:
In the installation directory, such as ~/Freenet, there is subdirectory 
"Uninstaller", which contains a file "uninstaller.jar".

So you could run it by the command:
    java -jar ~/Freenet/Uninstaller/uninstaller.jar

The benefit over deletion is:
- The uninstaller should delete the cron job to start Freenet at boot. Keeping 
the cronjob can cause trouble when re-installing, it might start twice then, 
which causes it to crash.
- The uninstaller should also delete icons such as on the desktop, in the menu 
for starting programs, etc.

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