Op 11 aug. 2016 14:07 schreef "Keifer Bly" <keifer....@gmail.com>:
> Hello, I recently installed Freenet, and I have a few questions.
> 1. When I start freenet, is it supposed to hide my ip address? When I
start freenet then go to check my ip using ip-tracker.org, it still shows
my real, correct IP address.

Freenet allows you to browse content that is available on the
censorship-resistant Freenet network. When used correctly, it even allows
you to remain anonymous while doing so.
Freenet cannot help you to hide your IP when visiting regular internet

> 2. Does freenet encrypt and hide my traffic from my ISP?

Yes, but only the contents of your Freenet traffic. Freenet does not
influence or hide traffic caused by other applications. If you need that,
you are looking for a VPN service.

> 3. Does freenet cover every application on my machine, or only the web
browser window it runs in?

As you should understand now, Freenet's scope is limited to in-Freenet
content such as Freenet websites (freesites).

> 4. Is freenet blockable by my ISP?

Yes, but it cannot be done easily. Freenet takes reasonable precautions
against being identified and blocked. If you are using Freenet in opennet
mode (connect to strangers) your ISP can block your connections if they are
determined to do so, but it will take considerable efforts. In darknet mode
(connect to friends only), blocking Freenet connections is extremely hard.

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