I run freenet on linux with newest Sun-JRE (PIII, 256 MB) and it often seems to 
have starting-problems:

Sometimes it starts already after a few minutes to produce traffic and behaves 
as usual, but often it has for a long time only 9 to 11 threads, doesnt't react 
to the webinterface, doesn't use any bandwidth and makes no Error-entries in 
the log.
That can go on for several hours, until it suddenly begins to run as it should.

The same problem happens when DSL reconnects (every 24 hours): Sometimes it is 
back to full speed after only 5 Minutes, sometimes it needs 10 hours (in that 
time it has about 50 threads, when running normal about 70 to 100).
What is the best way to deal with DSL-reconnects?:
- using dyndns (I tried it, but it didn't make any difference)
- restarting freenet
- just doing nothing and waiting for freenet recognizing something has changed

Freenet also seems to break down sometimes when it was running for several 
days, with no other than the usual thousand errors in the logs (as far as I can 
see). Is that usual? Should I just restart it every 2 days?

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