Juiceman wrote:
>With 10 connections, the data that could intercepted by one attacker
>is roughly 10%. The problem is the attacker doesn't know how many
>connections you have, so you could just be passing on data from any
>number of connections you have.

It's currently trivialy easy to find out if a request of a connected peer was 
forwarded by that peer or if it was a local request from that peer because 
local requests aren't stored in the datastore/-cache. 
(http://wiki.freenetproject.org/FreenetZeroPointSevenSecurity, search for the 
headline "Datastore") Thus you only have to probe the datastore of the 
requesting peer after sending the data to it and can find out if it was 
forwarded or originated there. In my opinion this isn't really acceptable on 
either a dark- or opennet (perhaps on a true darknet but that doesn't exist 
right now) but it certainly would cause havoc on an opennet.
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