damian alexander wrote:
> hmm , went to that link didnt see a download for 0.5,???????????
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>> Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 17:53:23 -0500
>> You are far from the first person to have a problem with getting node
>> refs for Freenet 0.7. I'm gonna say what I tell everyone else: Don't
>> use 0.7. It's pretty much experimental. There's a good reason a large
>> number of us are holding on to 0.5, a big one for me being that it's a
>> true opennet instead of a riskier, pseudo-opennet. In other words, you
>> don't have to mess with any of this getting node refs and IRC crap.
>> http://freenetproject.org/download-old.html

0,5 can be a solution if anonymity is not a primary concern. The reason why 
it's hard to
find refs with 0,7 is to make it nearly impossible for somebody who wants to 
your identity to find yours, with 0,5 your node shouts your reference to the 
whole world
as soon as you start it... with no way to stop that.

You can also check out I2P, it is quite nicely worked, but has slightly more 
features than even 0,5 (such as it's easier to identify the person by analysing 
the timing
of the availability of the resource).

Anyhow, chose your options carefully.

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