Freenet 0.7 build 1008 is now available. Please upgrade (the auto
updater should be working fine now), and report any bugs you find. I will
not be available over Christmas, but hopefully other devs will fix any
bugs found. ;)

Highlights: (for full changelog join cvs at
- Fix bug affecting large JPEGs.
- Freenet URIs are now proper URIs. ?, #, % etc need to be, and are,
- Tell the node to upgrade to -ext build 9.
- More stats, including some circle graphs of node/peer locations.
- IP detection fixes.
- FCP fixes, including a new error code when a key can't be fetched but
  we did find something. This is different to DNF because it may
  indicate a redirect pointing to a nonexistant key, for example. Will
  be needed by Frost to address an (actual!) attack soon.
- Fix the node-to-node text message bug.
- Some work preparatory for a completely new plugins API. Bombe will be
  implementing this over Christmas hopefully; talk to him if you want to
- Lots of other bug fixes, minor features and refactoring.
- First build to have its source code inserted along with the binary for
  the auto-updater. You can get the binary and the source, on freenet,
  from the following keys:
Jar file:
SSK at 
Source code:
SSK at 
Revocation key:
SSK at 
(If you find this key, the keys are blown)

Please upgrade! And a merry christmas! (No apologies if you find that
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