First post after an attempt to get freenet running.
Excuse my bad English, not my first language. 
Please feel free to ask if something isn't explained sufficiently.

So what seems to be the trouble...
Using windows XP, NO sp2, java 1.5
Running latest freenet version, setup rigt. Could connect and 'browse' some 
pages. Came across this Frost utility, setup rigt, could connect and update 
boards. So far, so good.

Using standard config, with exception for logging. Put this from normal to one 
step higher (not debug mode). 

 Though frost seems to be getting its boards updated, I couldn't acces it 
anymore after activating the update function. While trying to update all boards 
with frost, frost seems to 'freeze'. Cannot acces/ shutdown the prog throughout 
the program itself. Had to 'hardkill'  the program using ctrl-alt-del. This 
beacuse I just wanted to try some of the options, not running it for a long 
time. Let frost update an hour orso. After that I would end the program 
normally. Didn't work, as I mentioned.
Next try I figured that frost might be needing a real long time, so let it be 
for about ten hours. The real problem lies after the passing time. It seemed 
that a REAL high perecentage of harddisk space was used, more than 20Gb. Not 
prepared for such a high amount, it had given an error saying it couldn't write 
anymore to the disk. True, while it was now full!
I killed frost running, killed freenet and the diskspace was back again.
Next, I wanted to try freenet somemore, and was surprised it would take more 
and more diskspace... climaxing to another large amount of diskspace.
Figuring this would cause eventually another error (not enough hd space) I 
killed freenet again.

What causes the usage of this huge amount harddisk-space?
Is it frost, freenet or both?
How could one prevent this? Is it the log file which is taking this large 
amount? I mean, that's a lot of logging in a relatively small time imho.

Please help.


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