If I was to be identified, could my IP address with a service provider match 
that with an IP address in .07?.

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> I am interested to know is free net so secure that a person cannot be
> tracked by their IP address or email address?

Freenet is indeed very secure.  The most any attacker or snoop can 
determine is that you are running a freenet node and even that is less 
likely than ever with 0.7

As long as you use sensible, basic precautions to secure your machine 
and do not insert material that contains clues to your identity then it 
is absolutely not possible to determine WHAT you are inserting.

Check out Frost, it's message boards are forever full of people ranting 
on about pedophiles and child porn.  While CP posters are vile, they do 
server a function in freenet as much as many would like not to admit it.  

The fact that CP can be posted so freely in freenet means that it is 
secure enough and anonymous enough to protect even vile people's 

BTW- you don't have to support or approve of CP to be involved in 
freenet, and your involvment says nothing about your stance on CP.  If 
you don't like it, then don't support it by requesting any CP files or 
sites.  The fewer people who request something, the more likely it'll 
drop out of freenet.

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