Ok, I think my ISP changed my IP address recently or something,
because my freenet speed suddenly went to hell...and it's not much of
a problem, because my IP only changes once every few months, so I
don't really need to get a redirect or anything. I'm just wondering
though, if I set up another node on a separate computer on my node
(and therefore in the same IP address), would it help my node get
re-integrated into the network faster? And would it have other
benifits, like better load times even after my node is integrated

Oh, and would I have to run a spider on the other node for it to help
any? And if so, are there any spiders that run invisbly? It's my mom's
computer, and though she doesn't care when I use it (formerly the only
computer we had, still used by everyone, she just uses it for her
email), I don't want her messing with it and closing it or anything.

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