Freenet 0.7 build 1030 is now available. Please upgrade.

Major changes:
- New bookmark editor. Bookmarks are now organised into categories.
- Localisation infrastructure is 99% there. If you still want to help
  with translations, get in touch with us.
- Update to freenet-ext.jar build 13 (datastore fixes).
- IP detection, node to node messages etc fixes.
Related changes:
- The installer should work better on OS/X and maybe on *nix.
- Fix bugs in JSTUN plugin and make it work on java 1.5 again. Upgrade
  your JSTUN plugin if you need it (most people do): Type JSTUN* in the
  load box on the plugins page (note that doing it this way contacts on every startup), or download it to
  JSTUN.jar in your freenet directory and type *@file:JSTUN.jar.
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