On 4/26/07, urza9814 at gmail.com <urza9814 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to get Freenet 0.5 working, but I'm encountering the following
> error:
> [root at localhost freenet]# sh start-freenet.sh
> Detected freenet-ext.jar
> Detected freenet.jar
> Sun java detected.
> Sun Java 1.4.2 detected.
> Starting Freenet now: Command line: java -Xmx128m
> -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=128m freenet.node.Main
> Done
> [root at localhost freenet]# Unrecognised command line option:
> -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=128m
> Usage: java [-options] class [arg1 arg2 ...]
>                  (to run a class file)
>    or  java [-options] -jar jarfile [arg1 arg2 ...]
>                  (to run a standalone jar file)
> where options include:
>   -help            print out this message
>   -version         print out version number and copyright information
>   -showversion     show version number and copyright and continue
>   -cp -classpath   <jar/zip files and directories separated by :>
>                    locations where to find application classes
>   -verbose[:class|gc|jni]
>                    :class print out information about class loading, etc.
>                    :gc print out results of garbage collection
>                    :jni print out native method dynamic resolution
>   -D<name>=<value> set a system property
>   -X               show help on non-standard options
Quick and dirty fix:  edit start-freenet.sh and remove the
-XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=128m from the command line.

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