Ensure that freenet is actually running. Personally I run Linux and Freenet
0.5, but I'm thinking it'll probably be about the same. Just look for and
run 'start-freenet.sh'. It might take a while for that to start up, so give
it a few minutes before trying to get to

On 6/4/07, Ben Dougall <bend at freenet.co.uk> wrote:
> Hello,
> I can't get Freenet working on OS X 10.2.8.
> I've installed Freenet (0.7) which appears to have gone successfully:
> in Applications there's a folder called Freenet with a number of files
> inside, including welcome.html which says I've successfully installed
> it. The next instruction is to access  -- this I
> can't do. In both Safari and Firefox. I've tried a number of different
> things but that page can't be accessed at all.
> Any ideas why it's not possible for me to follow the configure
> instructions on the welcome page?
> Thanks.
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