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Brent Pugh wrote:
> Still cant figure any of this stuff out.....i was thinking it was like
> limewire or something?   what am i supposed to do ...please help

Freenet itself is not searchable, the main reason for that is that the goal is 
file-sharing but anonymous censorship-resistant communication. There are some 
tools for
Freenet that allow you to share the files, you want to look at Frost (works 
similarly to
newsgroups) and Thaw.

If you still have the problem with localhost:8888 on your browser it probably 
means that
your node (A) doesn't run on local machine (not very likely if you are a 
newbie), (B)
isn't started at the moment (start the node in the operating system way).

You also will need to exchange references with some people who already use 
Freenet, this
should be with people you trust not to spy on your communications. If you are 
and have nobody else to exchange with you want to join #freenet-refs on 
Freenode IRC network.

I hope this helps.
                          - Volodya

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