Bj?rn - Costa Blanca wrote:
> WinXP, I am able to open with Winrar but how to do with the folder  
> pyFreenet?
Where to extract the archive to is completely up to the program used to 
unpack the archive.  I believe both WinRAR and 7zip make that option 
directly available.
> Shall I put this folder in the Freenet folder?
You could, but you might consider putting it in a separate folder, maybe 
"pyFreenet" in the same parent folder as the Freenet folder, though you 
could put it just about anywhere.
> The name I put on Freenet folder ..... maybe its too long.
> At the time for install I had so much other problem ..... maybe I can 
> rename the folder?
You can rename the folder you extracted pyFreenet to as pyFreenet 
doesn't generally care where it's installed.
> As I alredy had a folder named Freenet I gave it the name Freenet-prog.
> In DOS, with the keyboard I have now, I cant access that folder as I 
> dont know the ASCII code for that little worm I need to shorten the 
> name to DOS 8.3 format.
> So, maybe it can cause problem.

By "In DOS", do you mean at the Windows XP Command Prompt?  That 
supports long filenames.

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