Freenet 0.7 build 1187 is now available. Please upgrade. Changes:
- Maybe fix a bug causing IP addresses to be lost for nodes, especially on 
- When the Bloom filter size is set to -1 (the default, meaning autodetect), 
keep it as -1, so when we change the store size the bloom filter size will 
also be updated (although we'll need a restart and a bloom reconstruct for 
this to complete at the moment). New nodes were previously setting the bloom 
filter size to 50K (in 1186), or 512K (in 1185), and never changing it when 
setting up much larger stores than the initial 100M/1G in the first-time 
config wizard.
- Allow MIME types on redirects in ClientPutComplexDir (useful for some client 
- Italian translation update from Luke771, and a slightly better description 
for the always-allowed-dirs.
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