Sorry Matthew,

within an hour of restarting my node I got my first disconnect. I am
running 1188, and it seems all peers are running that same version.

I got several copies of this error message in my logs:

Dec 06, 2008 10:48:30:870 (freenet.node.PacketTracker, UdpSocketHandler
for port 37365(2), NORMAL): Asking me to resend packet 74030 which we
haven't sent yet or which they have already acked (next=74080)

would that be related?


Matthew Toseland wrote:
> Thanks for your bug report. 1188 should fix this, but only after
> Saturday morning. Please wait until Saturday, then restart your node,
> and then let us know if you get this message again. Thanks.
> On Thursday 04 December 2008 02:38, IG wrote:
>> Probably a bug: please report: 9 peers forcibly disconnected due to
>> not acknowledging packets. 9 of your peers are having severe
>> problems (not acknowledging packets even after 10 minutes).

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