Sorry for the belated changelogs ... Please upgrade!

- 1189 broke seednodes. Fixed in 1190.
- Fix startup failures due to problems with updater temp files. Delete the old 
temp files.
- Fix a major unfairness bug in the packet sending scheduler code. This may 
have caused some nodes to be sent far more traffic than others, likely 
causing various nasty connectivity bugs possibly including the forced 
disconnect due to not acking packets bug.

1192 is mandatory on Friday. After that it will be interesting to know whether 
the forced disconnect due to not acknowledging packets bug is still around - 
it probably will be, but at least we're down one possible cause... :|

If you find any bugs, please let us know, preferably via the bug tracker:

Thanks for using Freenet, and apologies for the problems we've had lately. 
Note that we have additional changes in trunk which have not been released 
yet; all the above are single-bugfix builds. We always need more trunk 
testers ( testing), but you need to keep up to date; 
joining the IRC channel is helpful but not essential.
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