On Thursday 11 December 2008 00:00, Victor Denisov wrote:
> 1. Recently I started getting the following errors when downloads were
> getting to 100%:
> Temporary files error: File already freed
> Freenet allows to remove or restart the download. If I restart it, it
> immediately fails again with the same error. Restarting the client
> doesn't seem to help.

If you remove it, restart the node, and then re-add it from the URI, it still 

Is this easily reproducible, that is, under what circumstances does it happen? 
Does it only happen for certain files? For downloads that don't complete 
until after the node has restarted?
> 2. For a couple of weeks at least I'm getting weird downloads behavior
> when restarting the node. I have about 1 Gb of downloads queued, with
> store size set to 5 Gb (so the cache should be 2.5 Gb). My understanding
> was that after restarting the node, downloads would be pseudo-resumed by
> trying to pull the blocks from the cache before trying to get the from
> the network. However, most downloads on queue loose significant amount
> of progress (sometimes dropping from 80% to 3% for a 60 Mb file) after
> restarting the node (within more than an hour after restart).

In general it should resume within a reasonable time. However, it could be 
that the churn in your datastore is so high that many blocks have been lost. 
Another complicating factor is that if the percentage is uncertain - that is 
if it shows as "80%???" instead of "80%" in bold, it is downloading a 
non-final layer of the file, and can fluctuate as it reaches new layers. Are 
you sure this was not the case?

A third complicating factor is that the db4o branch should fix all this 
anyway ... but recent bugs in trunk and other factors mean I haven't had much 
time to work on it lately ...
> Running 1192 on Java 1.6.0_06 64-bit, Windows XP x64.
> Regards,
> Victor Denisov.
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