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Matthew Toseland wrote:
> On Friday 12 December 2008 03:03, Ancoron Luciferis wrote:
>> While downloading a set of files indexed by a freesite when it wants to
>> write the downloaded file to disks I always get the following error:
>> "Temporary files error: File already freed"
>> I tried to "restart" the specific files several time. The progress
>> always goes back some percent but not much (that are rather small files)
>> and when it wants to complete the download I get the above message again
>> and again and again.
> Does this happen only with the files from that specific freesite or for lots 
> of files from lots of freesites?
>> Is there anything I can do about that?
>> Regards,
>> AncoL
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It seems that it happens only with files from one specific freesite, so
I think that there might be something wrong on the file link side.

Ah, I forgot to mention that before freenet is actually downloading the
file it fails for that files with the message "too many path components"
and I have to click on "follow redirect". After that the file download
seems to be OK till the completion phase.

Thanx in advance,

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