Freenet 0.7 build 1194 is now available. Please upgrade, this will be 
mandatory on Friday. Some fairly substantial changes:
- Fix a serious bug causing the packet sending loop to be very unfair to nodes 
late on in the peers table.
- When reconnecting or rekeying, if the other side decides not to reuse the 
PacketTracker (sequence of packets, tracks which packets we have acked etc), 
assume it is because they don't have the old one any more. This should fix 
the "Forced disconnect of N peers because failed to acknowledge packets after 
10 minutes" bug once and for all.
- Fix various other packet level bugs.
- When deploying an update, parse the main jar to find out which 
freenet-ext.jar versions it is compatible with. Do not deploy the update 
until the main jar and freenet-ext.jar we are going to deploy are compatible. 
Fetch new versions of freenet-ext.jar if needed.
- Allow too-old opennet nodes to connect for an hour so they can download the 
latest update, and don't count them towards the connection limit.
- Some fixes to bulk transfer. This is the system used to transfer large files 
from one node to another - particularly for Update Over Mandatory, the 
mechanism that lets a node auto-update despite being too old to talk to its 
peers. Many UOM transfers were failing, this and the last change should fix 
- Finnish translation update.
- Minor web interface changes.
- Various changes useful for plugins.

There have also been some big changes by sdiz to the XMLSpider plugin, the 
tool used to create search indexes used by the XMLLibrarian plugin / the 
search box on the Browse Freenet page. The XMLSpider plugin now uses db4o to 
store its current progress, should use much less memory, and should resume 
from where it left when it is restarted. This work is still in progress so it 
may not be fully debugged yet. And esr has contributed some more 
documentation fixes.

xor (aka p0s)
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