How to upgrade?

Automatic upgrade did not work.
Now it does not even start anymore.



Matthew Toseland wrote:
> Freenet 0.7 build 1186 is now available. Please upgrade, it will be mandatory 
> on Tuesday. Changes:
> - Fix a nasty race condition in the message handling code. Impact is 
> uncertain 
> but could be large - it broke an update-over-mandatory between nodes on the 
> same computer in testing.
> - Implement (long overdue) update over mandatory for freenet-ext.jar. 
> Normally 
> this will fetch both the main jar and the ext jar at the same time, if the 
> node is too old to update over Freenet, or if it takes more than 3 hours to 
> update. 
> - Include the earliest compatible version of freenet-ext.jar in the manifest 
> for the main jar. We will use this to ensure compatibility when updating in a 
> near future build.
> - Limit the size of the auto-detected datastore size to 256GB. This will 
> ensure the Bloom filter is of a reasonable size (128MB at most), and avoid 
> some crazy situations. Don't limit the Bloom filter size to 256MB any more, 
> defaults to 1/2048th of the size of the store up to 2GB filter.
> - Make the datastore size default to 100MB. The first-time wizard will 
> configure it to a larger size, but the resize will occur online, and this 
> gains us a few seconds on the first startup by not having to wait so long for 
> preallocating it.
> - Minor change to plugin loading and a minor bugfix to connection setup.
> Please upgrade! If you find any bugs, please report them on the bug tracker. 
> The "not acknowledging packets even after 10 minutes" bug is sadly still with 
> us, it will be fixed soon.
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