I guess you feel better if I do write in English ?
First of all, I'm on OS X 10.4.10 and used upto now Azureus and mlDonkey 
(occasionally LimeWire or Ants)
Having heard about freenet, I did download it, and followed the 
installation procedure

(/by the way, and if it can be of any interest for you, the bug 
mentionned when using ubuntu, was there also with Mac OS X : error 
message saying that the download of that or that part didn't work, and, 
how I was advised to, I did click on continue... that happened quite 
many times during the installation, in fact for maybe the 2/3 of the 
files but it came to the end of it/)

So, I went to the next document : How to configure Freenet. And there, 
was unable to get the config wizard.

? La connexion a ?chou?, Firefox ne peut ?tablir de connexion avec le 
serveur ? l'adresse ?

Since it it goes through local host, I guess it probably is part of the 
downloaded folder, but I didn't see there any trace of it.

Since I also didn't manage to find how to open anything in relation to 
Freenet, I wasn't either able to do any config manualy...

Some advise would then be most welcome... Thanks in advance

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